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Accuracy Upgrade Packages
Lee Enfield No4Mk1*
Lee Enfield No4Mk1* made at Savage. All matching numbers on receiver, bolt and magazine. Bore is two groove and perfect. There is no throat or muzzle errosion and the bolt face is perfect. Woodwork is unmodified and perfect. Metalwork shows signs of light wear associated with military racks. Rifle is fitted with the rare Mk3 ladder sight, graduated from 200y to 1300y and has a ghost ring calibrated for 300y. Rifle is original and unmodified.

Winchester P-14
Winchester manufactured P-14 in .303. All matching numbers. Bore is flawless. Woodwork exhibits wear and dings associated with use and storage. Metalwork is showing signs of wear. Rifle is original and unmodified, however the volley sights have been decomissioned.

Lee Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine
Lee Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine. Matching serial numbers on receiver, bolt, fore-end and magazine. Very good barrel. Fitted with correct200y - 800y adjustable micrometer sight with a 300y ghost ring. Metalwork is in good to very good original condition. Woodwork is in excellent to near mint condition with only one ding and a couple of marks. The sling is the original sling. The rifle is completely original and un modified These rifles are rare normally, but with avery good barrel and four matching numbers, this rifle, in thiscondition is a very rare piece.

Please email us with any questions regarding the rifles for sale or to request more higher resolution photos
Lee Enfield No4Mk1 T Sniper Rifle
Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 T Sniper Rifle (reproduction). Based on a 1944 Maltby rifle. All matching numbers. Very good 5 groove barrel. Milled micrometer iron sight. Look a like No32 scope. Full sniper rifle conversion and accuracy upgrades. Comes with correct type sling, sniper swivel, scope covers, manual and reproduction transit chest, stenciled to match the rifle. Overall the rifle is in excellent condition and is extremely accurate.

$2750 - Always Available
Lee Enfield No15 Sniper Rifle Transit Chests
Faithful reproduction Lee Enfield S.A No 15 Transit Chests. These chests are made from solid pine and are stenciled to match your rifle. Comes with leather handles, straps and lockable hasps and staples. Includes sniper rifle care and operation label on inside lid. Will fit No4 and No1 rifles. If you like the look of these chests but would like a different rifle to fit in it, please email us for a custom quote!

$450 - Always Available
1916 Lithgow No2 Trainer
Lee Enfield No 2 Lithgow trainer in 22LR. Matching serial numbers. Bore is mint. Metalwork finish is good. Woodwork is in very good condition. Action marked Lithgow 1916. Appears all original and unmodified. Rifle is marked 2nd MD (NSW) and TAS. Also has numerous stamps on the butt. An excellent and rare trainer with great history stamped all over it

Mauser K98 WW2 Nazi Low Turret Sniper Rifle
Mauser K98 snipers rifle. Low turret quick detachable version. Zeiss Zielvier 4x post and cross hair scope. Fitted with leather sling, leather iron sights protector, scope pouch (for when detached), leather scope lense covers. Matching numbers, mint bore, excellent laminated stock.

This rifle started as a K98 Sniper Rifle in service with the German Army. The rifle was captured by the Yugoslavs during their liberation in 1944, at which time, the rifle was refurbished as a M98, predecessor to the M47and M48 rifles. During refurbishment the bulk of German markings were scrubbed (although some waffenampts are still present and evidence of markings being removed is clear), further the original scope, low turret mounts and bases were removed and the holes plugged and overstamped. The rifle was re-marked with the Yugoslav communist crest and Preduzece 44. Most serial numbers have been scrubbed, however the bolt, receiver, stock and floor-plate have matching numbers, noting only the number on the floor-plate appears to have been re-struck. The rifle has had reproduction low turret bases and rings fitted (removal of the plugs fitted by the Yugoslavs), along with a reproduction Zeiss Zielvier 4x scope, reproduction leather Zielvier scope covers, reproduction leather iron sights cover and reproduction web scope pouch. The rifle has not been refinished outside of the work conducted in 1944 by the Yugoslavs. The bore is mint, there is no pitting or throat erosion in the bore or on the bolt face. The finish on the metalwork it very good to excellent, the woodwork is very good with only a few minor marks. The trigger breaks at about 3lbs, and the working parts in the bolt, trigger mechanism and receiver have been cleaned and re-lubricated . The rifle is priced to reflect the spotty provenance, the use of replica components to restore and the fact that it may not be absolutely proven that it is a real sniper rifle, it is however an extremely good example, and would be perfect for a collector, shooter or reenactor.

US Marine Corps M40 Snipers Rifle Vietnam Era
Reproduction US Marine Corps M40/M700 Vietnam Snipers Rifle in .308/7.62. Custom built. Correct heavy profile barrel. 11 Degree target crown. Trigger polished and reset to 2.5lbs. Bolt lugs lapped. Correctly blackened bolt. Action pillar and glass bedded with Marine-Tex, barrel free floated. Claro walnut stock custom made in the USA. Correct short bolt shroud. Original 1960s Redfield 3-9x40 Accu-Range scope with correct range finding reticle and tombstone rangefinder, correctly refinished in bronze green. Correct military sling. Correct USMC marked rifle drag bag. Unfired.

These rifles were adopted in 1966 and used extensively in Vietnam. The rifles were then rebuilt several times over the years to M40A1, A2 and now A3 specifications and many of the original Vietnam actions are still in use today by the US Marine Corp all around the world.

These reproduction rifles are now being custom built in Australia as close to the original M40s as possible with original scopes and are available in .17 Remington Fireball, .204 Ruger, .223 Remington, .22-250 Remington, .243 Winchester and the original .308 Winchester. Interstate transfers to your dealer are no problem. Available now!

$3000 - Always Available
Gibbs/Springfield 1903A4 Snipers Rifle
WW2 Gibbs M1903A4 Sniper Rifle from the US. Fitted with correct WW2 M37B1 sniper scope. Mint 4 groove bore. Excellent woodwork, very good metalwork. Comes with correct leather sniper sling, military manual, US marked military web soft carry case and commercial plastic hard case. Very accurate, shoots easy sub-MOA with handloads, zeroed for 600 yards. Clean up in combined service competition with this setup.
1944 Mosin Nagant PU Snipers Rifle
Full matching numbers on action, floorplate, bolt, butt plate and scope mount. PU 3.5x scope.
Mint original bore. Metalwork is in very good condition with its original finish
Original laminated stock in very good condition, correctly coated in garnet shellac.
Comes with leather lens covers, canvas scope cover and pouch, 2 original leather ammunition pouches, original oil bottle, original tool kit, original cleaning rod, and original sling.
Rifle has been fully accurised, including bedding, trigger and crown, and shoots slightly over 1" @ 100m with surplus ammunition. Ready for competition!

Original 1777 Dated 3rd Pattern Brown Bess Flintlock
Original restored 1777 dated 3rd pattern Brown Bess musket. English manufacture. Engraved with makers name Wilson. Original barrel, breach plug, lock and ramrod. Bore is in excellent condition with a lot of shine, lock appears to be functional but seems to have a weak spring. Replacement stock is in very good condition. A very rare chance to own a 235 year old military musket. A superb wall hanger or could possibly shoot. Check your state regulation as this rifle may not require registration or a license to own as a display piece.

Reproduction Lee Enfield L42A1 7.62 Snipers Rifle
Reproduction Lee Enfield L42A1 Snipers Rifle. Based on a 10/43 dated No4 Mk1. Military conversion to heavy barrel 7.62. Matching numbers on bolt, receiver and magazine. Excellent bore. Fitted with a look a like No32 Scope. Has original folding micrometer iron sights. Correct original 7.62 magazine. L42A1 Snipers Rifles were a modernisation of the WW2 vintage Lee Enfield No4 T Snipers Rifles and were in service from ~1970 to ~1991. Comes with reproduction No32 Scope Covers and Sniper Sling. Competition ready! Offers Considered